Aspire, Believe - Together Achieve

"Pupils thrive on the positive, aspirational approach"
Ofsted 2017

"As confident young learners, pupils are ambitious for themselves and supportive of each other." Ofsted 2017

"Worship is invitational allowing pupils of no religious affiliation to contribute with integrity."  SIAMS 2019

"Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to be curious." Ofsted 2017

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"Your team are instilling a passion for learning that pupils find infectious." Ofsted 2017

Our Curriculum

​At St.Barnabas we’ve divided the academic year into three: DISCOVER (History based themes) EXPLORE (Geography and Science based themes)  and CREATE (Art based themes).

Curriculum 2019-20

Have a look at the plans below to get a taste for the BIG QUESTIONS we’ll be investigating in Terms 1 and 2

BUT…It’s MUCH more than just the national curriculum!

At St.Barnabas we pride ourselves on developing the skills pupils will use in all parts of their lives – now and in the future. We know it’s essential to be able to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, enquire when investigating and innovate! For this, we use SOLE time. SOLE stands for SELF ORGANISED LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS and children in years 2,3,4,5 and 6 work in teams once a week to apply their knowledge, research skills and team work capabilities to produce a presentation, completely independently,  based on a big question – it’s a brilliant way to learn!

Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16