Aspire, Believe - Together Achieve

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"Pupils thrive on the positive, aspirational approach"
Ofsted 2017

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"As confident young learners, pupils are ambitious for themselves and supportive of each other." Ofsted 2017

"Worship is invitational allowing pupils of no religious affiliation to contribute with integrity."  SIAMS 2019

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to be curious." Ofsted 2017

"Your team are instilling a passion for learning that pupils find infectious." Ofsted 2017

Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16


School Uniform is available from Monkhouse and should be ordered online from the Monkhouse Website.

Boys’ Uniform

  • Grey/ black/ dark blue trousers (or shorts in summer).
  • White shirt or polo shirt.
  • Blue sweatshirt.
  • Black shoes (no trainers please).

Girls’ Uniform

  • Grey/ black/ dark blue skirt, pinafore or trousers.
  • Blue and white check dress in summer.
  • White blouse or polo shirt.
  • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • Grey tights or white socks.
  • Black shoes (no trainers or heels).

The school has a provider who will supply branded uniform. Families do not have to purchase branded uniform but please ensure that alternatives match the school colours as closely as possible.

Items from Home

  • Children can bring their own pencil cases and stationery in from home but these may be taken away if they end up causing a distraction in class.
  • We also request that children do not bring in toys, games and other collectables from home as a matter of course.

PE Kit

  • Named PE bag that can be kept in school.
  • White T-Shirt Plain, black shorts
  • Daps (for indoor PE)
  • Trainers (for outdoor PE)


  • Jewellery must not to be worn to school.
  • Children with pierced ears may wear one small, plain stud earring in each ear but these must be removed for P.E. Parents are responsible for making sure their child can remove their own earrings – teachers will not do this.
  • We request that parents wait until the six week summer holiday to have their child’s ears pierced to allow appropriate time for healing. Where a child does have newly pierced ears they will be asked to cover these with a plaster for PE – we request that parents provide the plasters on PE days.


We expect all children to wear our full school uniform every day.

  • Families are responsible for ensuring children arrive at school with the appropriate uniform and equipment.
  • Families are responsible for labelling all items of clothing that come into school.

Children not in Uniform

  • The school is committed to working with families to ensure every child wears the correct uniform every day.
  • We will speak or write to families where children come to school without the correct uniform.

Hair & Make-Up

  • Hair below shoulder length should be tied back (for both girls and boys). This helps stop the spread of head lice which are common amongst primary age children.
  • Hair accessories should be in keeping with the school colours and should be practical rather than for show.
  • Excessively styled or gelled hair is not permitted in school.
  • Mohicans hair cuts are not permitted in school.
  • Make-up and nail polish are not permitted in school.