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"Pupils thrive on the positive, aspirational approach"
Ofsted 2017

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"As confident young learners, pupils are ambitious for themselves and supportive of each other." Ofsted 2017

"Worship is invitational allowing pupils of no religious affiliation to contribute with integrity."  SIAMS 2019

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to be curious." Ofsted 2017

"Your team are instilling a passion for learning that pupils find infectious." Ofsted 2017

Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16

Year 6: Endeavour


Endeavour – Miss Gough + Mrs Francis (TA)

Welcome to Endeavour Class!

Year 6 is a class of 28 lively and enthusiastic learners who endeavour to try their best in everything they do.

As we are the oldest children in the school, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure we are the role models for younger children. We are supportive of our peers and always encourage others to do their best. We always aspire to do better than our personal best and do not compare ourselves with others. Most importantly our number 1 class rule is to always have fun!

Engineering level 1 course

Endeavour took part in the Engineering level 1 course. We constructed electronic cars from scratch complete with a switch and gears.

Lockdown Leavers

It’s Term 6! We have our leavers hoodies and are looking forward to fun filled last term at St Barnabas!

RE Week

At the end of term 5, we took part in RE week. We explored the question ‘Do religions help or hinder the environment?’ We also created a piece of art for the Spirited Arts competition and wrote a letter about Climate Change and sent them to the UN.

SATS Breakfast

The official SATs tests may have been cancelled but we couldn’t miss out on the SATs breakfast! Many pancakes, waffles and croissants were eaten… with some fruit of course!


We have been learning Samba drumming ready to perform to an audience. We have learnt a range of complex rhythms and skills which have definitely challenged us!


Year 6 used their programming skills to create step counters using Microbits.

​Term 4 Science 

During Science Week, Endeavour learnt about chemical reactions by launching their own rockets on the playground. 



Letters from the trenches

Endeavour have been writing letters from the trenches based on Keith Campion’s book, The Last Post. We sent the letters to Keith and he enjoyed reading the children’s writing so much he wrote them an inspiring message! 

Remembrance Day