Aspire, Believe - Together Achieve

"Pupils thrive on the positive, aspirational approach"
Ofsted 2017

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"As confident young learners, pupils are ambitious for themselves and supportive of each other." Ofsted 2017

"Worship is invitational allowing pupils of no religious affiliation to contribute with integrity."  SIAMS 2019

"The school has achieved an award for extending pupils’ understanding of world religions." SIAMS 2019

"Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to be curious." Ofsted 2017

"Your team are instilling a passion for learning that pupils find infectious." Ofsted 2017

Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:16


​Staff: Miss Hoddinott (Teacher) and Mrs M Serle (TA)

Here in nursery, we are firm believers of learning through play. We plan related to topics and the children’s interests are at the heart of everything that we do. We strive to build strong partnerships with parents/carers to establish a consistent learning environment between home and school and also, to enable us to further children’s education together. We encourage children to become independent learners through an open plan environment that caters for all needs and allows children to reach their full potential.

Download: Little Stars Information Hand Out

Term 1

Week One

In week one we focused on playing lots of name games and ice breaker games to support the building of initial friendships in the classroom. We spent lots of time exploring the new continuous provision and learning where things are kept.

For literacy we read ‘The Invisible String’ and discussed that although we are at nursery during the day, we have an invisible string of love travelling all the way from our hearts to our family and back again. Some of the children drew pictures of their family and some made presents for them using string, pasta and paint. We also spent time looking at ourselves in the mirror and talking about our features. The children made self-portraits in the loose parts area and drew themselves.

Week Two

Week two was all about Elmer! We thought about how Elmer is different to the other elephants and noticed that we are also all different in Little Stars Classroom. We spent the week celebrating the things that make us unique.

In the afternoons we focused on colour and went on a colour hunt in the garden, carried out several colour mixing experiments and even made rainbow toast.

To finish the week we ended with an Elmer party and made colourful crowns, made rainbow popcorn, decorated the classroom with a colourful paperchain and danced the afternoon away.

Week Three

This week was all about the story of the Colour Monster. This is a fantastic book for exploring feelings and emotions. We spent the week discussing feelings and talking about times we have felt that way and what we can do if we are feeling sad, angry or worried. This story followed on nicely from last week in continuing to explore colour!

In the afternoons we focused on shape and had a visit from shape monsters. We went on a shape hunt around the classroom and played lots of fun shape games.

Week Four

As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic we are learning to view ourselves and the people around us as real life superheroes. We have dressed up as superheroes, learnt a superhero dance and explored various occupations to see how people who help us are also superheroes (such as doctors, shop workers, police, etc).

Our literacy story has been ‘Supertato’ and the children have loved it! They have particularly enjoyed retelling the story in the small world area making their own superhero vegetables so that they could act out their own versions of the story. We have had lots of sensory activities to explore and they even had the chance to climb into the icy depths of the freezer! I am so proud of how confident they are becoming in the classroom.

Week Five

This week we as part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have read ‘The Story of the Kindness Elves’, which is all about a group of teeny tiny elves that live in the clouds and spend their days making kindness potions. In the story the elves send letters to children, challenging them to carry out acts of kindness.

The children were excited to find an elf door and two of the elves in our classroom, each day they set us a letter with a kindness challenge.
At the start of the week the focus was being kind in nursery so we had a circle time to talk about what it means to be a kind friend. The children received challenges to make friendship bracelets for each other, to draw pictures for their friends, to take turns playing board games with one another and to make their own kindness potions. They were even kind to the wildlife in our garden and made bird feeders to hand in the tree! I was very impressed with the children’s sharing, turn taking and kindness.

Towards the end of the week the Kindness Elves began challenging us to spread kindness to our wider community. On Wednesday we made thank you cards for doctors and nurses (this links on from real life superheroes last week and matches our current role play theme), on Thursday we baked cakes to share with our families and on Friday we planted flowers to send to a local care home to make the elderly smile. (Pictures to follow once the cards and flowers have quarantined for 72 hours).
What a lovely week to finish off our Marvellous Me theme!!